Our corporate office is located in Huye District, Huye Sector, Sovu cell, Gako hill. It is 8 km a way from Huye town; about 15 minutes’ drive from Huye Town and 2:15 min from Kigali. We have well maintained tarmac roads this therefore provides smooth transportation of cherry to Coffee Washing Station.

Please contact us for more information :

Managing Director: RUBANANZANGABO David
Phone (+250) 0788303678
Web site: www.huyemountaincoffee.com
Facebook: huyemountaincoffee
E-mail: david@huyemountaincoffee.com
P.O Box: 3802 Kigali / Rwanda

Tour Guide on Field: TUYISENGE Aloys
Phone: (+250) 0787630689
E-mail: aloys@huyemountaincoffee.com

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