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Southern Province

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About Huye Mountain Coffee

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Modern way of harvesting Coffee. Copyright

David and Family Ltd is private-registered company with a trade license No 1234 5678 1234 in Rwanda. It was formed in 2011 with an aim of providing our region and the international market with highest standard of coffee for consumption ,with our brand being none other than Huye Moutain Coffee

Our vision started to take shape with the new decade, and the year 2011 has seen to the successful completion of our Coffee Washing Station. 2011 has registered our first coffee exports through Rwanda Trading Company (RTC) and our coffee has been highly accredited for its exceptional quality.

Cupping reports and customer responses in 2011 suggest that Huye Mountain Coffee is of very superior/ among the best quality within the spectrum of Rwanda Specialty washed coffees.

The CWS has enabled our company meet its demand, and export coffee as a finished product in coffee packages of 500gms as well as green coffee in 60Kg Bags for the international market

David Rubanzangabo